About company

Founded in 2001, MICAELLO is a modern, dynamic and growing confectionery widely regarded as a leading producer of fruit and nut sweets. The company has gained recognition of its consumers and become a traditional award-winner in such international exhibitions as „Prodexpo”, „Prodsib”, „WorldFood”, „Intersweets”, and „Pokupayte Rossiyskoe!”. The company is constantly enhancing its product range to meet the needs of those in love with sweets. The company produces high quality products: natural ingredients, original recipes and popular combination of flavors — nuts, dried fruits, chocolate — all these make the company products to be interesting for customers.

Dreams come true

Micaello sweets are really natural products. And this is their huge advantage. Nuts and dried fruits have been gaining popularity last years as a part of ration of the human attaching great importance to his health. They are rich in vitamins and trace elements which are so needful for city dwellers leading active life style. That is why Micaello sweets are popularly not only as a dessert but also as a light snack.

The company’s attitude to the raw materials deserves a special attention too. It is attached a particular significance because Micaello works only with natural products without chemical preservatives. Raw materials for the sweets production are delivered by partners from USA, France, Turkey, Chile and Argentina. Despite the conformation of the ingredients high quality by the suppliers’ certificates, every delivered nut, every berry is checked at the factory starting from the stage of raw materials sorting. It allows to reach a high quality of the finished products.

For years of work Micaello confectionery has worked out dozens of recipes and every new candy is a little masterpiece of the experienced craftsmen work. But any development requires a progress, so we pay a great attention to the opinion of consumers and based on their wishes work out new recipes.

Don’t stop the progress!

It is a slogan of Micaello company and it fully reflects the company’s goals. And the company plans include — „developing, achieving great results and launching confectionery novelties, which catch the fancy of customers”. The work in this direction is continuously going on: the production process is improved, new equipment is put into operation, which allows to improve technological process, and, of course, new sweets are created.