What’s new in 2013

Micaello has introduced a new collection of flavors, full of ideas and interesting combinations. „White & dark chocolate coated mandarin“, „Chocolate coated orange“, and „White & dark chocolate coated lemon“ make a real gift for those who adore exclusive sweets. The candies feature a soft shell of mashed mandarin, orange, and lemon. Each of the three different flavors is an unusual combination of the mild astringency of citron.

„Chocolate coated melon“ is a new flavor featuring the pieces of dried fragrant melon covered with chocolate coating. These fragrant candies are going to hit the taste of those greedy for sweets. By contrast, „Chocolate coated cranberry“ is a truly winter candy whose sour cranberry taste is softened with dark coating chocolate. All of these innovations will please the lovers of delicious sweets for the unusual serving and combination of their flavors.