The Orient in Chocolate

Micaello is happy to present a new collection of exceptionally delicious and healthy sweets — a soft brittle of nuts and dried fruit!

First produced in August 2006, it features:

  • Soft apricot brittle
  • Soft pineapple brittle
  • Soft pear brittle
  • Soft fig brittle
  • Soft papaya brittle
  • Soft prune brittle

With shells of soft roasting, these candies offer a high nutritional value. Meanwhile, their production technology helps fully preserve all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals available in fruit and nuts. Hidden at the heart of soft brittle, mashed hazelnut offers a recognizable taste — delicate, slightly sweet, and oily. Hazelnut has always been as a source of health and happiness, which is why, since ancient times, doctors have used it as a medicine. High nutritional content of fruits is due to the successful combination of many important elements, including well-digestible carbohydrates: glucose, fructose, and sucrose, as well as vitamins and minerals. Owing to its high content of micronutrients in inimitable found-object proportions, every fruit has its own good-for-you „instruction“. Specialty taste.

Located in the Kaluga region, the Micaello’s production facilities employ state-of-the-art Italian, Japanese and German equipment, including of FIS, which allows us to take a creative approach in our sweets production. The primary products used in the Micaello sweets come from our partners based in the United States, France, Turkey, Chile, and Argentina. Even though the genuine good quality of ingredients is confirmed by our supplier certificates, we keep a check on every single nut and berry as they come, starting with the sorting stage. Everyone at Micaello treasures the company reputation and respect of its consumers, which is why all of the ingredients, without exception, pass through the hands of our female sorters. A 100% incoming internal quality control ensures the best quality of our finished products. As a result of these efforts, the company specialists had made sure that the Micaello sweets have a taste recognizable at once and second to none of any similar products. This is a great breakthrough as it means that our product technologies and „manual“ processes are brilliantly proven and mature.